Cypriot Cuisine


Northern Cyprus offers a large selection of good quality restaurants offering international cuisine to cater for everyones tastes. The main cuisine served in Northern Cyprus is Turkish orientated.
There are many local restaurants on the Island that serve traditional “meze”. This consists of many small dishes of hot and cold food that is brought to your table as a starter, or severed with your main course. The foods severed include “cacik” (yoghurt and cucumber) humus fried hellim (local cheese) ”sigara borek” (cheese and mint wrapped in filo pastry and deep fried) and olives to name a few.
Another specialty are kebabs these can be either chicken or lamb which are served with salad in a pitta pocket or “shish” kebab which are chunks of lamb or chicken and vegetables all skewered together and then cooked over charcoal.
“Kleftico” is lamb slowly cooked in a clay oven, when it is served the meat just falls off the bone and is full of flavor as it has been cooked in its own juices, this a must for meat eaters.
Fresh fish restaurants are also extremely popular and most are located around the harbour of Kyrenia were you can watch the boats bring back the catch of the day.
Not leaving out desserts, all the deserts are very tempting here in Cyprus. The local delicacies are “Lokma” (which is a type of doughnut covered in honey) “Ceviz Macunu” (green walnuts in syrup) and Baklava (filo pastry covered in syrup and pistachio).

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