Four Season North Cyprus

Visit North Cyprus to satisfy your curiousity. A unique country, with fabulous weather. The sun shines 365 days of the year with various degrees of intensity. Each season has something new to offer. The diversity of the seasons makes Northern Cyprus an all year round destination. Lets Jewels of the Med help you pick the correct season to match your holiday needs.
Visit North Cyprus in the spring to awaken The mild weather is perfect for exploring the numerous archaeological sites. Explore the mountain top Crusader castles, 2500ft high! Or loose yourself in the ancient ruins of Salamis. We can organise specialised cultural trips in the beautiful spring months which are guaranteed to give the best holiday memories. your senses. The sight of the wild yellow mustard against the green fields, with bright red poppies waving gently in the breeze, the singing of the birds welcoming spring, and the unforgetable scent of the pretty blossoms are all truely amazing. The Kyrenia mountain range is home to nearly 40 spieces of wild orchids. Plan your trip for mid March for a chance to see the endemic orchid Ophyrs Kotschi.

Summer brings glorious and intense sunshine. Uninterupted blue skies, stunning sunsets over of the calm Mediterranean sea, and memorising night skies. Enjoy the beaches, swimming pools, boat trips, paragliding. Cool down in Kyrenia’s venetian harbour, with a refreshing efes beer or homemade lemonata. Enjoy al fresco dining and soak up the atmosphere people watching in one of the many excellent restaurants waiting to tempt and satisfy you. Wıth night time temperatures still the 20s enjoy a star lit boat trip. Shops and market stalls stay open late into night, allowing the day time to be spent working on that all important tan! Summer in Northern Cyprus offers something for everyone!
Heat and humidity of summer slowly melts away in September making autumn and winter months the ideal time to explore the numourous ancient sites. Hire a car and visit bronze age rock tombs, Roman cities, Crusader castles and Ottomon mosques. Visit the tranquil Karpaz peninsular to the east or the sleeply town of Lefke, situted in all the citrus grooves, to the west. The citrus grooves are bursting with fruit in the winter months. It is quite amazing to walk down Kyrenia high street admiring the oranges hanging from the trees! Olives are harvested in autumn and winter aswell. Join us on a tour to the Karpaz olive oil factory, or the recently lovingly restored Bellapais olive factory. Learn about the importance of the ancient harvest and buy olive oil products such as oil and soap. Low season for the sunworshippers, but high season for golfers! Northern Cyprus has a wonderful 18 hole championship golf course, we are only to happy help organise a wonderful golfing holiday for groups or indidviduals.
We cannot control the weather, but we can share our knowledge and love of Northern Cyprus to guarantee you get the best from your holiday….Book with us because we care!
Book your Northern Cyprus holiday with Cyprus XP because we will share our hearts and minds with you. We will sell you more than a holiday , we will sell you an memorable and perfect experience.