Kaya Artemis *****

Beach Resorts in North Cyprus

Kaya Artemis *****

Kaya Artemis *****


Most hotels in Kyrenia centre do not have beaches, you have to go a little away to find the best beaches.

To The East

Oscars Hotel and Vouni Hotels are the most central hotels with beaches. The sister hotels have man made beaches, with all the facilities you would expect, along with motorised water sports.


To the East perhaps the best beach resort you will find is the 5 star Acapulco Hotel. The beach is wonderful. 2km long of soft , inviting sand. Lots of sun beds and not too crowded together.  Wonderfully clean and peaceful. You can find non motorised water sports here, which adds to the magic of the beach.


The Malpas and Bella View both have beach clubs their guests can use, although the hotels are not situated on the sea. Courtesy buses take you a regular intervals. These beaches are modern and clean, open to the public for a fee.


Koriuem Golf Club and Beach Club – brand new beach club has been opened for those guests who like to play golf on holiday. A wonderful beach club with lots of amenities, how better to wind down after a hard morning on the green!

To the West

All the major 5 star hotels have their own beaches. The Merit Crystal – The Park Merit – both have beautiful bays with excellent beaches. Sometimes a little lively, as these are popular places for the daily boat trips to stop, which also encourages motorised water sports. These beaches have a lively atmosphere.

The Deniz Kizi hotel is the proud owner of a wonderful cove, with a beautiful beach. It has a peer out to sea, where you can enjoy motorised water sports. These go far away from the beach, leaving you in peace to relax and soak up the sun. Scuba divers also have the opportunity to use the hotel’s very own diving instructor.

The Riverside Hotel, popular with families on a budget provides their guests with use of Camelot beach.  This beach has wonderful views of the vast Five Finger Mountain range  and an ancient monastery. Plenty of rocks to the side of the beach makes it perfect for those of you who like to snorkel.